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Favored by hunters and match shooters for generations, Alliant smokeless powder has a well-earned reputation for consistency, power, and accurate measuring. The company produces powder for rifles, pistols, shotguns, and muzzleloaders. Whatever your reloading needs are, you’ll find the right propellent from Alliant.
It’s great to make powder that performs well in the lab, but Alliant knows that the true test of a powder is how it performs in the field and on the firing line. Alliant closely monitors every metric – including chemical composition, the shape and size of powder grains, and the propellant’s porosity and density – to make sure every canister of powder performs consistently, year after year. With over a century of experience in the field, a tradition of excellence runs deep in the Alliant brand. 
Alliant 2400 Reloading Powder
Alliant 2400

Manufacturer number: 2400

Legendary for its performance in .44 magnum and other magnum pistol loads. Originally developed for the .22 Hornet, it's also the shooter's choice for .410 bore. High velocity Magnum handgun loads Shooter's choice for 410.
Alliant AR-Comp Reloading Powder
Alliant AR-Comp

Manufacturer number: AR-Comp

When it comes to reloading AR-style rifles as well as other rifles, there's a new powder choice on the market-AR-Comp from Alliant Powder. Alliant's new AR-Comp is the ideal powder for fast action, high volume AR shooters as well as those who enjoy shooting traditional rifles. Developed specifically for AR-style rifles and ideally suited for heavy 223 and 308 match bullets, AR-Comp delivers high performance ignition each and every time. Suitable for all semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles Ideal for heavy 223 and 308 match bullets Very consistent across temperature extremes.
Alliant BULLSEYE Reloading Powder

Manufacturer number: BULLSEYE

Billions of rounds have been loaded with Bullseye since it was introduced in 1913. Fast burning and consistent Economical and accurate
Alliant Powder Reloading Guide 2018
Alliant Powder Reloading Guide 2018
The Alliant Powder Reloading Guide 2018 contains the official load data for all Alliant powders. Click Tab "Datasheet" to view or dowload for free here.
Alliant POWER PISTOL Reloading Powder

Manufacturer number: POWER PISTOL

Designed for high performance in semi-automatic pistols and is the powder of choice for 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG. Fast burning and consistent Economical and accurate.
Alliant Reloder-10x Reloading Powder
Alliant Reloder-10x

Manufacturer number: Reloder-10x

Best choice for light bullet applications in .222 Rem, .223 Rem .22-250 Rem and key bench rest calibers. Also great in light bullet .308 Win loads. Excellent for bench rest cartridges Great in 223 and 22-250 with light bullets Optimum velocity in small cal varmint loads.
Alliant Reloder-15 Reloading Powder
Alliant Reloder-15

Manufacturer number: Reloder-15

The best all-around medium speed rifle powder providing excellent .223 and .308 caliber performance. Selected as the powder for U.S. Military's M118 special ball long range sniper round. Broad caliber range Consistent in all temperatures High velocity varmint loads.
Alliant Reloder-16 Reloading Powder
Alliant Reloder-16

Manufacturer number: Reloder-16

Repeatable long-range accuracy demands propellant that behaves consistently across temperature extremes. Alliant Powder Reloder 16, like Reloder 23 and AR Comp , accomplishes this world-class stability using TZ technology. It manipulates the response of the material and resists the natural tendency to generate more pressure at higher temperatures and less pressure at lower temperatures. The Reloder 16 burn rate is slightly faster than that of Reloder 17, well within the 4350 burn speed band. This makes it ideal for traditional hunting cartridges such as 30-06 Spring. and 270 Win., as well as 6.5mm target loads and tactical applications where temperature stability is required. World-class stability across temperature extremes Contains proprietary de-coppering additive Excellent lot-to-lot consistency Formulation contains no DNT or DBP Made in Sweden for Alliant Powder.
Alliant Reloder-17 Reloading Powder
Alliant Reloder-17

Manufacturer number: Reloder-17

With Reloder 17 reloaders have a powder that meters easy and consistently while providing maximum velocity even in extreme weather. This consistent performance is what reloaders have come to expect from Alliant Powder - and Reloder 17 proves worthy. Designed for short magnum case capacity Similar burn speed to IMR 4350 Meters easily and consistently Consistent maximum velocity in extreme weather conditions.
Alliant Reloder-19 Reloading Powder
Alliant Reloder-19

Manufacturer number: Reloder-19

Provides superb accuarcy in most medium and heavy rifle loads and is the powder of choice for .30-06 and .338 calibers. Powder of choice for 270, .30-06 and .338 Excellent metering Accurate and consistent in most medium caliber cartridges.
Alliant Reloder-22 Reloading Powder
Alliant Reloder-22

Manufacturer number: Reloder-22

This top-performing powder for big game loads provides excellent metering, and is the powder of choice for .270, 7mm magnum and .300 Win Mag. Powder of choice for 7mm Mag & .300 Win Mag Excellent metering Accurate and consistent.
Alliant Reloder-23 Reloading Powder
Alliant Reloder-23

Manufacturer number: Reloder-23

To achieve outstanding accuracy in the widest range of conditions, shooters need propellant that performs consistently across temperature extremes. Like its sister product, AR-Comp , new Reloder 23 from Alliant Powder does exactly that. Its sophisticated TZ technology manipulates the response of the material and resists the natural tendency to generate more pressure at higher temperatures and less pressure at lower temperatures. Reloder 23 is perfect for long-range target shooters seeking performance similar to Reloder 22 with world-class temperature stability. TZ technology provides exceptionally consistent velocities across temperature extremes Contains proprietary de-coppering additive Ideal for long-range target shooting Excellent lot-to-lot consistency Formulation contains no DNT or DPB Made in Sweden for Alliant Powder.
Alliant Reloder-25 Reloading Powder
Alliant Reloder-25

Manufacturer number: Reloder-25

This advanced powder for big game hunting features improved slower burning and delivers the high energy that heavy magnum loads need. Ideal for over bore magnums Contains proprietary de-coppering additive Made in Sweden to Alliant Powder specifications.
Alliant Reloder-26 Reloading Powder
Alliant Reloder-26

Manufacturer number: Reloder-26

Achieve awesome ballistics with new Reloder 26 from Alliant Powder . The propellant's burn speed falls between that of Reloder 22 and Reloder 33, and it incorporates EI technology to produce extremely high velocities in magnum cartridges. Reloder 26 has a high bulk density that allows larger powder charges, and it provides a consistent, controlled response to temperature changes. EI technology produces extremely high velocities in magnum cartridges Contains proprietary de-coppering additive Controlled temperature stability Excellent lot-to-lot consistency Formulation contains no DNT or DBP Made in Switzerland for Alliant Powder.
Alliant Reloder-33 Reloading Powder
Alliant Reloder-33

Manufacturer number: Reloder-33

Specific cartridge loads need specific propellant to perform to their ballistic peak. That's why Alliant Powder put countless hours of research and development into creating Reloder 33. The advanced powder is specifically formulated for the long-range .338 Lapua, although it is also ideal for a range of large magnum rifle cartridges. Specifically designed for the .338 Lapua Also suited for a variety of large magnum rifle cartridges Superior lot to lot consistency.
Alliant Reloder-50 Reloading Powder
Alliant Reloder-50

Manufacturer number: Reloder-50

This new powder is designed for long range, 50 caliber rifle shooters. With superior velocity and the ability to burn cleaner (with less residue), Reloder 50 delivers lot-to-lot consistency and a density created specifically for the 50 caliber application. Clean burning with less residue Density designed for application Superior velocity Lot to Lot consistency.
Alliant Reloder-7 Reloading Powder
Alliant Reloder-7

Manufacturer number: Reloder-7

Designed for small caliber varmint loads, it meters consistently and meets the needs of the most demanding bench rest shooter. Great in .45-70 and .450 Marlin. Small caliber varmint loads Great for .45-70 and .450 Marlin Meters consistently.
Alliant UNIQUE Reloading Powder
Alliant UNIQUE

Manufacturer number: UNIQUE

Now cleaner burning! Most versatile shotgun/handgun powder made. Great for 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge loads. Use with most hulls, primers and wads. Most versatile powder made Good in all popular pistol calibers Great for light 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge loads.