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This website will be discontinued over time! Please go to our new website www.xxlreloading.com. We have even more load data there plus additional features!


Buy this access license to unlock and view all load details for 12 months. Your account will be authorized immediately upon a successful purchase. Just log in with your email and password each time you return to view all data. Our load data covers:

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W. Ashton: "This was exactly what I have been looking for. Easy to use website and a vast range of loading info."


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We cover load data for components of over 50 different bullet and powder manufacturers, including the following:

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24 August 2023 10:11

Philip Potgieter

I love this site, it is easy to get load data and loads and loads of different powders, calibers and bullets are incorporated into the data. Very handy and with the safety considerations build into the load data you cannot go wrong.

18 September 2023 07:42

Best Reloading site

I am a Quickload and Gordons Reload Tool user. I have done handloads for more than 40 years. This is the best resource I have ever come across. Brilliant !

7 December 2023 15:05

Game Changer

The amount of data available is really outstanding. There are loads for cartridge/powder combinations I would never have thought of (or found listed other places. I also feel the recommended minimum and maximum loads provide ample room for finding a great load.

26 January 2024 23:36

I’m going here more and more often

I’vre been very pleased with XXL-RELOADING. I find the load data easy to access and I have confidence in the data. Happy customer.

6 January 2023 02:06

Thank goodness I found this place.

I don't know why I didn't find this place before when I was looking for load data. This place has load data for the cartridges I shoot and it is solid data. Every load data that I've used so far has been spot on. You will not go wrong for spending $20, you will spend a lot more in ammo components trying to figure out a good load. Trust me, I did.

6 August 2023 19:06

Excellent info

Brilliant site, cannot fault it. All the reloading data all on one site. Excellent

24 August 2023 16:07

One of the Best Reloading Websites

I signed up last year and I found the load information to be spot on. I especially like the "Z" factor (Percentage of Powder burned). By utilizing a load that consumed 98% or better, I was able to find the most accurate load with the least shots fired. I had not used the "Z" factor before this site, but having used it, I will not reload without it. I will be renewing my subscription again this year. Thanks for a great Site!

18 September 2023 17:06

Sehr gutes Produkt!

Bin sehr zufrieden mit XXL-Wiederladen. Ich habe schon einige Ladedaten mit viel Erfolg umgesetzt, allerdings sind die Maße für die L6, nicht immer passend.

8 December 2023 01:08

Second Year Using XXL Reloading

I started using XXL Reloading when I started my reloading journey and has since renewed for my second year. Very easy to use interface, great pricing, lots of load data. So far I was able to find everything I needed from 6.5CM to 300NM that I've gotten into. I've tested many loads and various powders and Berger bullet weights and the data has been SAFE, which to me as a beginner is huge.

Our feedback: Thanks for comment - much appreciated :-)

29 January 2024 11:54

Clear and a god complement to others sources

Very explicit, security is neat and the info is very clear.

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