quickload online

QuickLoad - Software for experienced Reloader

The QuickLOAD program is an internal ballistic simulation software. It simulates a load by combining selected reloading components and calculates gas pressure and muzzle velocity. It is a commercial product that costs over $ 120 one time. Updates are also chargeable.

The program was developed by Dipl.-Ing. Hartmut G. Brömel, who did pioneering work in this area. We respect the outstanding performance of Mr. Brömel. QuickLOAD is an excellent tool for very experienced reloaders, but it is no longer up-to-date in terms of operation and interface.

For example, the program was developed at a time when PCs still had very little computing and storage capacities. As a result, the software can only carry out comparatively few iterations for the simulation  that require little computing capacity. The underlying data (e.g. bullet specifications) are split up into a large number of files, as the computers were previously unable to process larger files.

For beginners, caution is also advised with QuickLOAD. A large number of variables can be changed, which basically makes the program powerful. However, setting a variable incorrectly can have disastrous consequences. Unfortunately, the program always assumes the maximum permissible values ??of the safety standards (C.I.P or SAAMI) for the standard settings, for example for the maximum case length and cartridge length. In practice, however, these values ??rarely deliver the best results and can lead to locking problems in weapons.

xxl-reloading.com also uses internal ballistic simulation software to calculate the loads. However, our models run on high-end cloud servers, which allow us to do more iterations for better results. We are also significantly cheaper. Our calculated or simulated charging data can be used for only $19.90. This also includes all updates for new bullets, calibers or powder.