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More about Ramshot:
Western Powders, Inc. has been one of North Americas leading distributors of gun powder since 1972. Located in Miles City, Montana, our current operations evolved from our distribution of Dupont IMR Powders in the 1970s. Our business has grown significantly and we now distribute powder for every major brand of firearm propellants.
After establishing a highly efficient distribution network for gun powders, we decided to develop and market our own brand of propellants in 1998 under the Ramshot name. To further broaden our operations, we purchased Accurate Arms in 2005 and "Montana X-Treme Gun Cleaning Products" in 2006. Our most recent brand introduction was Blackhorn 209 Muzzleloading Propellant, which has revolutionized the muzzleloading industry since its introduction in 2008.
Every product developed by Western Powders sets the industry's highest standards ..
Ramshot Enforcer Powder Load Data
Ramshot Enforcer

Density: 98.64 lb/ft3 | 1580 kg/m3

Bulk density: 58.68 lb/ft3 | 940 kg/m3

Manufacturer number: Enforcer

Ramshot Hunter Powder Load Data
Ramshot Hunter

Density: 102.38 lb/ft3 | 1640 kg/m3

Bulk density: 59.31 lb/ft3 | 950 kg/m3

Manufacturer number: Hunter

Ramshot Magnum Powder Load Data
Ramshot Magnum

Density: 95.51 lb/ft3 | 1530 kg/m3

Bulk density: 62.55 lb/ft3 | 1002 kg/m3

Manufacturer number: Magnum

Ramshot Silhouette Powder Load Data
Ramshot Silhouette

Density: 99.88 lb/ft3 | 1600 kg/m3

Bulk density: 49.94 lb/ft3 | 800 kg/m3

Manufacturer number: Silhouette

Ramshot TAC Powder Load Data
Ramshot TAC

Density: 102.38 lb/ft3 | 1640 kg/m3

Bulk density: 61.93 lb/ft3 | 992 kg/m3

Manufacturer number: TAC

Ramshot Terminator Powder Load Data
Ramshot Terminator

Density: 102.38 lb/ft3 | 1640 kg/m3

Bulk density: 61.30 lb/ft3 | 982 kg/m3

Manufacturer number: Terminator

Ramshot True Blue Powder Load Data
Ramshot True Blue

Density: 99.26 lb/ft3 | 1590 kg/m3

Bulk density: 58.37 lb/ft3 | 935 kg/m3

Manufacturer number: True Blue

Ramshot Wild Boar Powder Load Data
Ramshot Wild Boar

Density: 102.38 lb/ft3 | 1640 kg/m3

Bulk density: 61.37 lb/ft3 | 983 kg/m3

Manufacturer number: Wild Boar

Ramshot Zip Powder Load Data
Ramshot Zip

Density: 96.76 lb/ft3 | 1550 kg/m3

Bulk density: 48.38 lb/ft3 | 775 kg/m3

Manufacturer number: Zip