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Target shooters or hunters who demand absolute precision depend on ammunition they load themselves. The right propellant plays a key role among reloading components. Uniform quality and burn performance enable precise, highly repeatable hits – under the most varied weather conditions.
Reload Swiss RS®, the new brand from Nitrochemie, offers the perfect powder for perfect hits - thanks to pure Swiss-made precision!
The development and production of Reload Swiss RS® propellant powders are based on almost 100 years of experience of internationally renowned Nitrochemie Wimmis AG with high-performance powders.
Constant quality assurance from production to packaging ensures uniform fabrication quality for the most demanding shooters.
Reload Swiss Reloading Guide 2017
Reload Swiss Reloading Guide 2017
The Reload Swiss Reloading Guide 2017 contains the official load data for all Reload Swiss powders. Click Tab "Datasheet" to view or dowload for free here.
Reload Swiss Reloading Guide 2020
Reload Swiss Reloading Guide 2020
The Reload Swiss Reloading Guide 2020 contains the official load data for all Reload Swiss powders. Click Tab "Datasheet" to view or dowload for free here.
ReloadSwiss RS 12 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 12

Manufacturer number: RS 12

RS12 has been specifically developed as complement to the Reload-Swiss RS portfolio. At the moment of launch it is ReloadSwiss' quickest powder. It is suitable for many pistol and smaller revolver calibers. For applications which do not result satisfying in combination with RS20 in regard to unburnt residues. Standard calibers .38 Special , .40 S&W,   .45 ACP,  9 mm Luger.
ReloadSwiss RS 20 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 20

Manufacturer number: RS 20

RS20 was developed many years ago on behalf of the Swiss Army for 9 mm pistol ammunition. Since then, it has proved highly effective in a variety of different pistol calibers. Until now, RS20 has been supplied by various dealers in Switzerland. Standard calibers 9 mm Luger .38 Special,  .40 S&W,  7.62 x 25 Tokarev,  7.65 Parabellum.
ReloadSwiss RS 24 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 24

Manufacturer number: RS 24

SwissReload developed the RS24 propellant powder in cooperation with the IPSC national champion, especially for the Open Division. However, the powder can also be used in other large-bore handgun cartridges. Standard calibers 9 mm Major,  .38 Super Auto,  9 x 21 ., 40 S&W with heavy bullets, .357 Magnum,  .44 Rem. Mag.
ReloadSwiss RS 30 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 30

Manufacturer number: RS 30

RS30 propellant powder was developed for the .22 caliber Hornet. It is also especially suitable for large-bore revolver cartridges. Standard calibers .22 Hornet, .30 - 30 Win.,  300 AAC BLACKOUT,  .357 Magnum,  .44 Rem. Mag.
ReloadSwiss RS 36 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 36

Manufacturer number: RS 36

With the RS36, developed in 2015, charges between RS30 and RS40 can be better optimized. The RS36 was tuned to the caliber 7.62 x 39, but it also works very well in the area of level-action rifles. Standard calibers 7.62 x 39, .222 Rem.,  .223 Rem. with lightweight bullets up to 50gr, .30-30 Win.,  .444 Marlin,  .45-70 Govt.
ReloadSwiss RS 40 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 40

Manufacturer number: RS 40

RS40 derives directly from ReloadSwiss' successful, military-qualified 5.56 mm propellant powder. This makes it the perfect powder for .222 Rem. and .223 Rem. It also works extremely well with medium-bore cartridges such as the .308 Win. in combination with lightweight bullets. Standard calibers .222 Rem.,  .223 Rem. , .300 Savage , .308 Win. with lightweight bullets.
ReloadSwiss RS 50 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 50

Manufacturer number: RS 50

RS50 is a universally useable .308 Win. propellant. It is extremely benign and therefore ideal for use in many popular, medium-bore hunting calibers. Standard calibers .308 Win.,  .375 H&H Mag.,  7 mm - 08 Rem. , 8 x 57 IS,  9.3 x 64 Brenneke
ReloadSwiss RS 52 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 52

Manufacturer number: RS 52

When it comes to applications, RS52 propellant is comparable to RS50. In short, it is a typical 308 Win. powder, featuring an outstanding pressure/velocity ratio and flat temperature behavior. Standard calibers .308 Win. .30 - 06 Spring. with lightweight bullets, 6 mm BR Norma,  7 mm - 08 Rem.,  8 x 57 IS.
ReloadSwiss RS 60 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 60

Manufacturer number: RS 60

RS60 is ideal for .30-06 Springfield cartridges. In addition, it can be used to load many short magnums. This propellant is perfect for high-performance applications and features excellent temperature behavior. Standard calibers .260 Rem. , .30 - 06 Spring.,   .30 - 284 Win,  6.5 x 47 Lapua , 6.5 x 55 SE, 7.5 x 55 Swiss,  7.62 x 54 R
ReloadSwiss RS 62 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 62

Manufacturer number: RS 62

RS62 propellant was originally developed for 270 Win., but is also superb for .30-06 Spring. cartridges. In terms of vivacity, it approaches RS60, but RS62 operates with significantly lower energy content and thus produces less barrel wear. A genuine alternative for shooters who are looking for a straightforward, honest, easy-to-use propellant powder for magnum cartridges in light and medium-weight applications. Standard calibers .270 Win. , .30 - 06 Spring. ,7 mm - 08 Rem. ,7 x 64,  7.62 x 54 R.
ReloadSwiss RS 70 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 70

Manufacturer number: RS 70

The RS70 is especially well suited for large-caliber hunting cartridges. It was originally developed for .300 Win. Mag., but also lends itself to many other magnum cartridges. Standard calibers .243 Win. .300 Win. Mag. .338 Lapua Mag.
ReloadSwiss RS 76 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 76

Manufacturer number: RS 76

RS76 is especially well suited for Magnum cartridges. It is the ideal solution for closing the wide gap between RS70 and RS80. The new RS76 has inherited all the best traits of RS70 (European Champion, F-Class). Standard calibers 7mm Rem Mag. 7mm STW .300 Norma Mag. .300 Rem Ultra Mag. .338 Norma Mag. .338 Lapua Mag.
ReloadSwiss RS 80 Reloading Powder
ReloadSwiss RS 80

Manufacturer number: RS 80

Designed especially for heavy-duty magnum cartridges, RS80 is ReloadSwiss' slowest burning powder. It was originally developed for .338 Lapua Mag., but works extremely well even with .50 cal. Browning rounds. Optimized for temperature behaviour, RS80 displays excellent pressure/velocity ratios in numerous calibers. Standard calibers .338 Lapua Mag.,  7 mm Rem. Mag.,  .50 Browning,