Small Rifle (SR) Primers

Primers are a key ammunition reloading component. They are needed to ignite the powder charge.  There a seven primer sizes which differ by use (pistol vs. rifle ammunition), size (small vs. large) and force (normal vs. magnum): SP Small Pistol Primers | SPM Small Pistol Magnum Primers | LP Large Pistol Primers | LPM Large Pistol Magnum Primers | SR Small Rifle Primers | LR Large Rifle Primers | LRM Large Rifle Magnum Primers.

Below you find a table with some common calibers / cartridges which use Small Rifle primers. Also find further below some common products in this primer size:

Common Cartridges using this Primer Size

17 Hornet172SR
17 Javelina172SR
17 Mach 4172SR
17 Remington172SR
20 Tactical204SR
204 Ruger204SR
218 Bee224SR
22 Hornet224SR
22 PPC224SR
220 Russian224SR
221 Fireball224SR
222 Remington224SR
222 Remington Magnum224SR
223 Remington224SR
25 TCU257SR
25-20 Single Shot257SR
25-222 Remington Magnum257SR
28-30 Stevens285SR
30 BR (Bench Rest)308SR
30 Carbine308SR
30-223 Remington308SR
32-20 WCF312SR
310 Cadet316SR
351 Winchester Self-Loading351SR
454 Casull452SR