Vihtavuori N350

Comprehensive load data for Vihtavuori N350 reloading powder und technical specifications for this propellant.
Product number: PID_287
Manufacturer number: N350
Load data for powder "Vihtavuori N350"
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More about this powder:

As the burning speed of N350 is at the slow end of Vihtavuori's handgun powders, it is ideal for very heavy and top end velocities and energies for a broad range of pistol and revolver cartridges. N350 is widely used in pistol shooting and especially in practical shooting. N350 works excellent also in shotgun shooting with heavy hunting loads, especially with 36 gr loads or more. Saty tuned for shotgun reloading data in the future!

Relative Burn Rate: 8 (0 ... slow| 10 ... fast)
Weapon Use: Pistole / Revolver
Density:88.65 lb/ft3 | 1420 kg/m3
Bulk density:41.20 lb/ft3 | 660 kg/m3
For almost a hundred years, Vihtavuori powders have formed the heart of many of the world’s most renowned cartridges. Reloaders know they can trust in the performance and uniform high quality of Vihtavuori smokeless powders – cartridge after cartridge – to create a perfect product for successful shooting. When choosing our reloading powder you know your ammo is up to the task, even in the toughest conditions. Go ahead, take Vihtavuori and make the perfect shot.
Vihtavuori is known for producing high quality propellants with reliable ballistic performance, long shelf-life and wide variety selection. All of our gun powders meet the strict requirements of both civilian and military needs.

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