Shooters World Heavy Pistol

Comprehensive load data for Shooters World Heavy Pistol reloading powder und technical specifications for this propellant.
Product number: PID_254
Manufacturer number: Heavy Pistol
Load data for powder "Shooters World Heavy Pistol"
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More about this powder:

Shooters World: Ballistic results for the heavy pistol propellant show it appropriate for magnum pistol applications, .300 Blackout with lightweight projectiles and some other specialty ammunition. It is similar in burn speed to Accurate No 9 , and has similar application as Alliant 2400, Hodgdon H110 or Winchester 296. The superior ignition of this propellant permits less-than-full loading density. Therefore, it is not necessary to load 'full power' loads with this propellant in order to achieve safe results. Shooters World tests this propellant with standard pistol primers, as well as magnum pistol primers. To date, Shooters World have found no evidence that Heavy Pistol requires a magnum primer for reliable ignition. In comparison to other magnum pistol propellants, Shooters World find Heavy Pistol exceptionally clean, accurate with either cast or jacketed projectiles, and exhibiting low muzzle flash. A spherical propellant, it meters through charge plates consistently and will flow well in a high-speed loader.

Relative Burn Rate: 7 (0 ... slow| 10 ... fast)
Weapon Use: Pistole / Revolver
Density:98.01 lb/ft3 | 1570 kg/m3
Bulk density:61.55 lb/ft3 | 986 kg/m3
Shooters World
Shooters World mission is to distribute a consistent supply of high quality propellant to ammunition manufacturers, reloaders and competitive shooters. To support fellow shooters by ensuring safety, consistency, and economical value. In addition, we support all of our customers with technical support, shipping and logistics management. From shooters for shooters.
  • Import Materials for use in ammunition manufacturing
  • Ballistic testing per SAAMI protocol
  • Technical services supplied to all customers

Shooters World LLC was founded in 2012 by Karen and Ned Gerard. They, along with Ken Johnson, are international shooters and competed in the Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan American Games, and US and Caribbean Championships. They understand and support shooters from the perspectives of law enforcement, Department of Defense, sport shooters, and casual civilians.

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