Maxam CSB 2

Comprehensive load data for Maxam CSB 2 reloading powder und technical specifications for this propellant.
Product number: PID_169
Manufacturer number: CSB 2
Load data for powder "Maxam CSB 2"
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More about this powder:

The CSB 2 powder is also optimal for reloading metallic ammunition and is characterized by its regularity and precision.

Relative Burn Rate: 8 (0 ... slow| 10 ... fast)
Weapon Use: Pistole / Revolver
Density:96.76 lb/ft3 | 1550 kg/m3
Bulk density:34.96 lb/ft3 | 560 kg/m3
At MAXAM we are proud to say that ours are the best smokeless propellants in the market: almost 150 years of experience attest to this. The quality of our powders is mainly due to the rigorous control of the characteristics to which it is subjected in order to achieve the expected speed and pressure.
Our gunpowder has a high stabilized nitrocellulose content that is gelled before being extruded and is given the proper porosity through a specific process. Finally, it is dried and subjected to a surface treatment until it achieves the fluidity required for its dosing.
Our powders range enjoys wide recognition and has been tested in manometric guns according to the rules of the Permanent International Commission (C.I.P.) for testing portable firearms. The exhaustive monitoring and supervision that we apply the entire manufacturing process, especially to achieve the perfect size and porosity, result in optimal pressure with a minimum of waste inside the barrel.

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