6 mm ARC

Reloading data for 6 mm ARC cartridges and specifications for cases and loads in this caliber.
Product number: CID_932
Load data for caliber "6 mm ARC"
The 6mm ARC (Advanced Rifle Cartridge) is a relatively new centerfire rifle cartridge designed for both military and civilian applications. It was introduced by Hornady Manufacturing in 2020, and is based on a modified version of the 6.5mm Grendel case.

The cartridge has a bullet diameter of .243 inches (6.17mm) and a case length of 1.53 inches (38.86mm). It is designed to be used in AR-15-style rifles, and is known for its versatility, accuracy, and moderate recoil.

The 6mm ARC is suitable for a variety of applications, including hunting, target shooting, and tactical use. It is capable of delivering accurate shots at ranges up to 1,000 yards, making it an effective cartridge for both short and long-range engagements.

The cartridge is typically loaded with bullets weighing between 85 and 110 grains, with the most popular bullet weights being in the 100-grain range. These bullets allow for high velocities and flat trajectories, which make the cartridge effective at longer ranges.

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Technical Specifications (based on the respective safety standard - see more details in tab 'Datasheet' if available)

Caliber: 6 mm ARC
Cartridge Type: Rimless
Bullet Diameter: 0.243 '' | 6.17 mm
Primer Size: Large Rifle (LR)
Max. Case Length (l3):1.5'' | 38.1 mm
Max .Cartridge Length / OAL:2.26'' | 57.4 mm
Maximum Standardized Pressure:52069.36 psi | 3590 bar
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