.308 Win. (308 Winchester, 7.62 x 51)

Reloading data for .308 Win. (308 Winchester, 7.62 x 51) cartridges and specifications for cases and loads in this caliber.
Product number: CID_401
Load data for caliber ".308 Win. (308 Winchester, 7.62 x 51)"
The .308 Winchester was developed in 1953 by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company and is based on the well-known 30-06 Springfield cartridge. It's a popular round used primarily for hunting large game at mid to long range distances and is considered one of the most accurate cartridges available.

The .308 Win has been embraced by many rifle shooters due to its impressive performance in a cost effective package and it has also become a mainstay among police and military forces around the world. Its accuracy, moderate recoil, versatility, affordability, and wide availability makes it an exceptional choice for target practice, competition shooting, hunting, law enforcement and military applications.

The popularity of this caliber led to many manufacturers designing rifles specifically for this cartridge. In the US companies such as Remington, Savage and Sako all began producing rifles chambered for .308 Win while overseas companies like FN Herstal of Belgium created the FAL battle rifle which went on to be adopted by over 90 nations from 1955 onward.

When it comes to ammo selection there are plenty of options available from both common and more specialized brands that offer different weights, styles, coatings and projectiles. Reloaders also benefit from being able to utilize common components such as Lapua brass casings in order to customize their own ammunition for specific purposes or competitions.

In general the .308 Winchester has proven itself as an effective hunting cartridge capable of taking down even some of the largest game animals with ease while maintaining accurate shot placement at longer ranges. Its use throughout various branches of service has made it one of the most popular cartridges worldwide and its performance speaks for itself when used properly in suitable conditions.

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Technical Specifications (based on the respective safety standard - see more details in tab 'Datasheet' if available)

Caliber: .308 Win. (308 Winchester, 7.62 x 51)
Cartridge Type: Rimless
Bullet Diameter: 0.308 '' | 7.82 mm
Primer Size: Large Rifle (LR)
Max. Case Length (l3):2.01'' | 51.16 mm
Max .Cartridge Length / OAL:2.8'' | 71.12 mm
Maximum Standardized Pressure:60191.6 psi | 4150 bar
The Commission internationale permanente pour l'épreuve des armes à feu portatives ("Permanent International Commission for the Proof of Small Arms" – commonly abbreviated as C.I.P.) is an international organisation which sets standards for safety testing of firearms. (The word portatives ("portable") in the name refers to the fact the C.I.P. tests small arms almost exclusively; it is ordinarily omitted from the English translation of the name.) As of 2015, its members are the national governments of 14 countries, of which 11 are European Union member states. The C.I.P. safeguards that all firearms and ammunition sold to civilian purchasers in member states are safe for the users.
To achieve this, all such firearms are first proof tested at C.I.P. accredited Proof Houses. The same applies for cartridges; at regular intervals, cartridges are tested against the C.I.P. pressure specifications at the ammunition manufacturing plants and at C.I.P. accredited Proof Houses.

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