.30 R Blaser

Reloading data for .30 R Blaser cartridges and specifications for cases and loads in this caliber.
Product number: CID_312
Load data for caliber ".30 R Blaser"
The 30 R Blaser is a rimmed centerfire rifle cartridge based off the popular 8x57mm Mauser round, developed by German firearms manufacturer Blaser in 1989. It was designed specifically for use in their line of rifles, and has since become one of their most successful creations due to its impressive performance.

The 30 R Blaser is renowned for its accuracy and power thanks to its flat trajectory and high velocity, making it ideal for taking clean shots on medium-sized game animals such as deer or wild boar without having to worry about drop off or over penetration beyond the target area. It also operates at significantly lower pressures than other cartridges of similar caliber, allowing for safer operation when using weaker actions such as older drillings or combination guns.

Ammunition for the 30 R Blaser can be hard to come by but there are several suppliers that offer various options in different weights ranging from 130 to 160 grains. These are usually loaded with soft point or hollow point bullets which make them particularly suitable for hunting applications where maximum expansion upon impact is desired to ensure cleaner kills with minimal suffering inflicted on the animal being shot at.
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Technical Specifications (based on the respective safety standard - see more details in tab 'Datasheet' if available)

Caliber: .30 R Blaser
Cartridge Type: Rimmed
Bullet Diameter: 0.308 '' | 7.82 mm
Primer Size: Large Rifle (LR)
Max. Case Length (l3):2.68'' | 68 mm
Max .Cartridge Length / OAL:3.59'' | 91.19 mm
Maximum Standardized Pressure:58741.2 psi | 4050 bar
The Commission internationale permanente pour l'épreuve des armes à feu portatives ("Permanent International Commission for the Proof of Small Arms" – commonly abbreviated as C.I.P.) is an international organisation which sets standards for safety testing of firearms. (The word portatives ("portable") in the name refers to the fact the C.I.P. tests small arms almost exclusively; it is ordinarily omitted from the English translation of the name.) As of 2015, its members are the national governments of 14 countries, of which 11 are European Union member states. The C.I.P. safeguards that all firearms and ammunition sold to civilian purchasers in member states are safe for the users.
To achieve this, all such firearms are first proof tested at C.I.P. accredited Proof Houses. The same applies for cartridges; at regular intervals, cartridges are tested against the C.I.P. pressure specifications at the ammunition manufacturing plants and at C.I.P. accredited Proof Houses.

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