.284 | 128gr | Brenneke TIG nature

Characteristics of .284 | 128gr | Brenneke TIG nature bullet and comprehensive load data for this projectile.
Product number: BID_1165
Bullet information ".284 | 128gr | Brenneke TIG nature"
Specifications and reloading data for '.284 | 128gr | Brenneke TIG nature' bullet.

Caliber: .280 Rem., 7 mm B.R. Rem., 7 mm Blaser Mag, 7 mm Exp. Rem., 7 mm KM Katzmaier, 7 mm Mag Fl. H.& H., 7 mm Rem. Mag., 7 mm Rem. SA Ultra Mag, 7 mm Rem. Ultra Mag, 7 mm STW, 7 mm WSM, 7 x 50 R, 7 x 57, 7 x 57 R, 7 x 61 S&H (Super), 7 x 64 Brenneke, 7 x 65 R Brenneke, 7 x 66 SE v. Hofe, 7 x 72 R, 7 x 75 R SE v. Hofe, 7.21 Firebird (Lazzeroni)
Bullet Weight: 128 gr | 8.3 g
Bullet Diameter: 0.284 '' | 7.21 mm
Lead Content: Lead Free
Bullet Base: Boat Tail
Ballistic Coefficient (G1):0.187
Bullet Length:1.3'' | 33.02 mm
Brenneke GmbH is a German manufacturer of ammunition and bullets, based in Langenhagen, Lower Saxony. The company was founded by Wilhelm Brenneke in 1895 and is currently owned and run by his great-grandson, Dr. Peter Mank.
Brenneke makes shotgun shells for target shooting and hunting, special slugs for law enforcement, and hunting rounds as well as projectiles for handloading. Its best-known products are the Brenneke slug for shotguns and a line of rifle bullets.
BRENNEKE is renowned for groundbreaking innovations in the hunting business: from the first slug to the latest in universal rifle ammunition. Corporate history and family tradition are closely intertwined. The further development of precision hunting ammunition is our personal privilege and responsibility. We are known for true innovative drive made in Germany. We love to share our wealth of experience with you and turn it into your professional hunting success. Generation after generation.

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