.220 Swift || .224 | 77gr | Lapua ScenarL

Load data for 7 loads in caliber .220 Swift with .224 | 77gr | Lapua ScenarL bullet including underlying parameters such as bullet length, cartridge length and case capacity.
Product number: LID_B3092_C122

Reloading data for caliber .220 Swift with .224 | 77gr | Lapua ScenarL bullet.

Reloading data for caliber .220 Swift with .224 | 77gr | Lapua ScenarL bullet.
PowderChargeMax. PressureBarrel 23.6''Barrel 60cmBarrel 18.9''Barrel 48cm
WeightFRpsibar% *V(0) fpsV(0) m/szV(0) fpsV(0) m/sz
ADI AR 2218Min:**.*Min:23.9gr23.9gr | 1.55g89.0%47485327476%1650503100%1591485100%
Max:**.*Max:25.5gr25.5gr | 1.65g94.6%55462382489%1755535100%1693516100%
Alliant Reloder- TS 15.5Min:**.*Min:30.4gr30.4gr | 1.97g81.0%44933309872%299991499%284486798%
Max:**.*Max:33.5gr33.5gr | 2.17g89.4%55927385690%3258993100%311094899%
Alliant Reloder-33Min:**.*Min:24.1gr24.1gr | 1.56g88.0%50850350682%1657505100%1601488100%
Max:**.*Max:25.0gr25.0gr | 1.62g91.2%55709384189%1716523100%1657505100%
Alliant Reloder-50Min:**.*Min:24.5gr24.5gr | 1.59g90.0%49414340779%1644501100%158548399%
Max:**.*Max:25.8gr25.8gr | 1.67g94.3%55636383689%1719524100%1660506100%
ReloadSwiss RS 76Min:**.*Min:22.7gr22.7gr | 1.47g83.0%52388361284%1644501100%1598487100%
Max:**.*Max:23.3gr23.3gr | 1.51g85.7%55811384889%1683513100%1637499100%
ReloadSwiss RS 80Min:**.*Min:23.5gr23.5gr | 1.52g86.0%52228360184%1644501100%1594486100%
Max:**.*Max:24.1gr24.1gr | 1.56g87.8%55520382889%1683513100%1631497100%
Vihtavuori N570Min:**.*Min:22.5gr22.5gr | 1.46g86.0%50546348581%1650503100%1594486100%
Max:**.*Max:23.5gr23.5gr | 1.52g89.0%55448382389%1713522100%1654504100%

FR ... fill rate of the cartridge
%* ... max pressure of load in percent of the maximum allowed pressure for this caliber
z ...  powder burnt in percent

... cells marked in yellow are not dangerous but indicate possible (but not necessary) suboptimal characteristics such as extensive muzzle flash or inaccurate loads.

IMORTANT: Scale down to 90% when printing to ensure the load table gets displayed correctly!

Caliber: .220 Swift
Propellant: ADI AR 2218, Alliant Reloder-33, Alliant Reloder-50, Alliant Reloder- TS 15.5, ReloadSwiss RS 76, ReloadSwiss RS 80, Vihtavuori N570
Bullet Weight: 77 gr | 5.0 g
Bullet Diameter: 0.224 '' | 5.69 mm
Primer Size: Large Rifle (LR)
Bullet Length:1.02 '' | 25.9 mm
Case Length (l3):2.20 '' | 56.0 mm
Cartridge Length / OAL:2.64 '' | 67.1 mm
Seated Depth:0.59 '' | 14.9 mm
Case Capacity:47 Grains of Water | 3.06 cm3
Lapua, or more officially Nammo Lapua Oy and Nammo Schönebeck, is part of the large Nammo Group. Our main products are small caliber cartridges and components for sport, hunting and professional use.  Lapua focuses primarily on premium quality small caliber ammunition for target shooters, hunters and law enforcement authorities. Lapua has always strived to produce the best possible cartridges and ammunition components for those who have the same passion for precision as we do. Competition results worldwide prove that we are the preferred ammunition partner for rifle and pistol shooting champions, everywhere. We have achieved this by consistent product development of our ammo and components. We also cooperate closely with hunters as well as top sport shooters.

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