.22 BR Rem.

Reloading data for .22 BR Rem. cartridges and specifications for cases and loads in this caliber.
Product number: CID_63
Load data for caliber ".22 BR Rem."
The .22 BR Remington is a rimfire cartridge designed for target shooting and small-game hunting. It was originally developed in the 1950s for firearms manufacturer Remington and has since become popular among shooters due to its accuracy and low recoil.

The .22 BR Remington is considered a very accurate round with excellent shot-to-shot consistency. This makes it ideal for target shooting, as well as varmint and pest control, where precision matters more than terminal ballistics.
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Technical Specifications (based on the respective safety standard - see more details in tab 'Datasheet' if available)

Caliber: .22 BR Rem.
Cartridge Type: Rimless
Bullet Diameter: 0.224 '' | 5.69 mm
Primer Size: Large Rifle (LR)
Max. Case Length (l3):1.55'' | 39.37 mm
Max .Cartridge Length / OAL:2.2'' | 55.88 mm
Maximum Standardized Pressure:58741.2 psi | 4050 bar

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