6.5 x 52 R K&S || .263 | 120gr | Rhino Solid Shank

Load data for 33 loads in caliber 6.5 x 52 R K&S with .263 | 120gr | Rhino Solid Shank bullet including underlying parameters such as bullet length, cartridge length and case capacity.
Product number: LID_B5224_C1009

Load Data
Max. Pressure
Barrel 23.6''
Barrel 60cm
Barrel 18.9''
Barrel 48cm
Weight FR psibar % * V(0) fpsV(0) m/s z V(0) fpsV(0) m/s z
Accurate 4064Min: **.*Min: 30.7gr30.7gr | 1.99g81.0%39508272484%2493760100%237972599%
Max:**.*Max:31.6gr31.6gr | 2.05g83.6%42148290689%2556779100%244474599%
Accurate 4350Min: **.*Min: 32.6gr32.6gr | 2.11g84.0%31517217367%236972292%224168389%
Max:**.*Max:36.6gr36.6gr | 2.37g94.5%42264291490%266181196%252677093%
ADI AR 2208Min: **.*Min: 30.4gr30.4gr | 1.97g81.0%37579259180%241573695%230370293%
Max:**.*Max:31.9gr31.9gr | 2.07g85.0%41974289489%252677096%241573694%
Alliant Reloder- TS 15.5Min: **.*Min: 30.9gr30.9gr | 2.00g81.0%37333257479%245174797%234371495%
Max:**.*Max:32.4gr32.4gr | 2.10g85.1%41669287388%255978098%245174796%
Alliant Reloder-15Min: **.*Min: 31.3gr31.3gr | 2.03g81.0%39769274284%251076596%239573094%
Max:**.*Max:32.3gr32.3gr | 2.09g83.3%42380292290%257978697%245774995%
Alliant Reloder-16Min: **.*Min: 32.1gr32.1gr | 2.08g85.0%33228229170%238872892%226769189%
Max:**.*Max:35.5gr35.5gr | 2.30g94.2%41901288989%264180595%250776493%
Alliant Reloder-17Min: **.*Min: 32.9gr32.9gr | 2.13g81.0%32358223169%240273294%227469391%
Max:**.*Max:36.6gr36.6gr | 2.37g90.1%41626287088%267781697%254977795%
Alliant Reloder-23Min: **.*Min: 35.0gr35.0gr | 2.27g92.0%29907206263%233371192%219867089%
Max:**.*Max:36.9gr36.9gr | 2.39g97.4%33736232672%245774994%232971091%
Hodgdon CFE223Min: **.*Min: 34.1gr34.1gr | 2.21g81.0%37376257779%250776494%237972592%
Max:**.*Max:36.0gr36.0gr | 2.33g85.2%42395292390%263580396%251376693%
Hodgdon H380Min: **.*Min: 32.1gr32.1gr | 2.08g81.0%37971261881%245774994%233971392%
Max:**.*Max:33.6gr33.6gr | 2.18g85.1%42308291790%256978395%245174793%
Hodgdon Hybrid 100VMin: **.*Min: 30.7gr30.7gr | 1.99g82.0%28427196060%221567593%210064090%
Max:**.*Max:36.3gr36.3gr | 2.35g96.9%41698287588%260579497%248475795%
Hodgdon LVRMin: **.*Min: 32.6gr32.6gr | 2.11g84.0%34606238673%241873792%229770089%
Max:**.*Max:35.3gr35.3gr | 2.29g91.3%41974289489%261279694%249376092%
Hodgdon VARGETMin: **.*Min: 30.4gr30.4gr | 1.97g81.0%37579259180%241573695%230370293%
Max:**.*Max:31.9gr31.9gr | 2.07g85.3%41974289489%252677096%241573694%
IMR 4064Min: **.*Min: 29.6gr29.6gr | 1.92g81.0%37333257479%239873196%229069894%
Max:**.*Max:31.2gr31.2gr | 2.02g85.3%41669287388%250776497%239873195%
IMR 4831Min: **.*Min: 32.6gr32.6gr | 2.11g88.0%31343216166%233671292%221567589%
Max:**.*Max:36.3gr36.3gr | 2.35g97.9%40495279286%259279095%247475493%
Lovex S065Min: **.*Min: 31.9gr31.9gr | 2.07g84.0%36259250077%238272692%227069290%
Max:**.*Max:34.1gr34.1gr | 2.21g90.1%42075290189%253677394%242173892%
Norma 203BMin: **.*Min: 31.3gr31.3gr | 2.03g81.0%39131269883%250076297%238572795%
Max:**.*Max:32.3gr32.3gr | 2.09g83.3%41829288489%256978397%245174795%
Norma URPMin: **.*Min: 32.3gr32.3gr | 2.09g84.0%32271222568%236572192%224768589%
Max:**.*Max:36.0gr36.0gr | 2.33g93.9%41568286688%263180295%250076293%
ReloadSwiss RS 50Min: **.*Min: 33.6gr33.6gr | 2.18g84.0%39711273884%246475192%235671890%
Max:**.*Max:34.6gr34.6gr | 2.24g86.5%42322291890%253377293%242173891%
ReloadSwiss RS 52Min: **.*Min: 32.4gr32.4gr | 2.10g81.0%37246256879%250776498%238872896%
Max:**.*Max:34.0gr34.0gr | 2.20g85.0%41597286888%262179999%249776197%
ReloadSwiss RS 60Min: **.*Min: 33.0gr33.0gr | 2.14g81.0%32126221568%240573395%227469392%
Max:**.*Max:37.0gr37.0gr | 2.40g90.8%42119290489%270382498%256978396%
ReloadSwiss RS 62Min: **.*Min: 35.2gr35.2gr | 2.28g87.0%34069234972%246175092%233671289%
Max:**.*Max:38.3gr38.3gr | 2.48g94.8%42003289689%268481895%255677992%
Rottweil R 903Min: **.*Min: 31.0gr31.0gr | 2.01g81.0%35259243175%240273296%229369994%
Max:**.*Max:33.5gr33.5gr | 2.17g87.5%41988289589%257578598%246475196%
Shooters World Long RifleMin: **.*Min: 31.9gr31.9gr | 2.07g84.0%36259250077%238272692%227069290%
Max:**.*Max:34.1gr34.1gr | 2.21g90.1%42075290189%253677394%242173892%
SNPE Vectan SP 11Min: **.*Min: 32.4gr32.4gr | 2.10g81.0%35491244775%244474595%232370893%
Max:**.*Max:34.9gr34.9gr | 2.26g87.3%42090290289%261879897%249376095%
Somchem S355Min: **.*Min: 30.7gr30.7gr | 1.99g81.0%38420264982%247475497%235671895%
Max:**.*Max:31.9gr31.9gr | 2.07g84.4%41916289089%255978098%245174796%
Somchem S365Min: **.*Min: 31.2gr31.2gr | 2.02g81.0%31299215866%240573396%228369693%
Max:**.*Max:35.2gr35.2gr | 2.28g91.4%41727287789%271782899%258578897%
Vihtavuori N135Min: **.*Min: 29.6gr29.6gr | 1.92g81.0%38000262081%2411735100%2310704100%
Max:**.*Max:30.9gr30.9gr | 2.00g84.3%41539286488%2497761100%2392729100%
Vihtavuori N140Min: **.*Min: 31.0gr31.0gr | 2.01g81.0%38072262581%241173598%230370296%
Max:**.*Max:32.3gr32.3gr | 2.09g84.3%41553286588%249376099%238872897%
Vihtavuori N150Min: **.*Min: 31.0gr31.0gr | 2.01g81.0%34142235472%233671297%223168095%
Max:**.*Max:33.8gr33.8gr | 2.19g88.3%41626287088%253377299%242173897%
Vihtavuori N550Min: **.*Min: 33.3gr33.3gr | 2.16g84.0%32837226470%237272392%225468789%
Max:**.*Max:37.0gr37.0gr | 2.40g93.7%42279291590%262880195%250776493%
Vihtavuori N555Min: **.*Min: 34.7gr34.7gr | 2.25g92.0%30733211965%238872892%226068989%
Max:**.*Max:36.9gr36.9gr | 2.39g97.4%35520244975%254977794%241873791%
Winchester 6.5 StaBallMin: **.*Min: 33.8gr33.8gr | 2.19g81.0%30617211165%225168694%214665491%
Max:**.*Max:38.4gr38.4gr | 2.49g92.3%41553286588%256678297%244474595%

Reloading data for caliber 6.5 x 52 R K&S with .263 | 120gr | Rhino Solid Shank bullet.

FR ... fill rate of the cartridge
%* ... max pressure of load in percent of the maximum allowed pressure for this caliber
z ...  powder burnt in percent

... cells marked in yellow are not dangerous but indicate possible (but not necessary) suboptimal characteristics such as extensive muzzle flash or inaccurate loads.

Caliber: 6.5 x 52 R K&S
Propellant: ADI AR 2208, Accurate 4064, Accurate 4350, Alliant Reloder-15, Alliant Reloder-16, Alliant Reloder-17, Alliant Reloder-23, Alliant Reloder-26, Alliant Reloder- TS 15.5, Hodgdon CFE223, Hodgdon H380, Hodgdon Hybrid 100V, Hodgdon LVR, Hodgdon VARGET, IMR 3031, IMR 4064, IMR 4451 Enduron, IMR 4831, IMR 4895, Lovex S062, Lovex S065, Lovex S070, Norma 203B, Norma URP, Ramshot Hunter, ReloadSwiss RS 50, ReloadSwiss RS 52, ReloadSwiss RS 60, ReloadSwiss RS 62, ReloadSwiss RS 70, Rottweil R 903, SNPE Vectan SP 11, Shooters World Long Rifle, Shooters World Precision, Somchem S355, Somchem S365, Vihtavuori N135, Vihtavuori N140, Vihtavuori N150, Vihtavuori N550, Vihtavuori N555, Winchester 6.5 StaBall
Bullet Weight: 120 gr | 7.8 g
Bullet Diameter: 0.263 '' | 6.68 mm
Rhino Bullets
Rhino Bullets were designed and tested in Africa on a wide range of animals, from small Gray Duiker to the mighty Cape Buffalo.Professional hunters, sport hunters and shooting fanatics have tested Rhino bullets over a period of 18 years. Kobus van der Westhuizen, the designer and owner of Rhino Bullets, who has been hunting for the past 40 years, became frustrated with the inconsistent results he had with many of the bullets available in South Africa on African Game. It is accepted by most hunters that African Game are more resilient than their Northern hemisphere counterparts.
With the above in mind Kobus set out on a mission to design a “no-nonsense bullet” which would be suited to the harsh African conditions After many years of testing with feedback from professional hunters, reloaders and “gun-nuts” we now have the Rhino Bullet Range. The demand for Rhino Bullets together with the favorable comments received from various groups prompted the directors to launch Rhino Bullets onto the international market from April 1999.
The international market now has a bullet that has been developed by hunters for hunters and developed for their needs in the African Bush. Our bullets have been designed and tested on a shooting range and then let loose on the bush. Whether you are after a trophy Blue Duiker or Cape Buffalo you have a bullet that has done the job before and will do the job again and again. Rhino Bullets have been designed and constructed to stand up to anything you throw at them, and yet retain the accuracy required by a bench rest shooter. It will also leave some change in your pocket to tip your PH or pay for the drinks after a successful hunt.

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