.17 WSM || .172 | 20gr | Nosler Varmageddon BTip

Reloading data for 1 loads in caliber .17 WSM with .172 | 20gr | Nosler Varmageddon BTip bullet including underlying parameters such as bullet length, cartridge length and case capacity.
Product number: LID_B3940_C28
Reloading data in caliber .17 WSM with .172 | 20gr | Nosler Varmageddon BTip bullet ...


Start LoadMaximum Load



Fill Rate


% of Max.

Barrel Length 23.6'' (60cm)

Barrel Length 18.9'' (48cm)

V(0) - Velocity
at muzzle


V(0) - Velocity
at muzzle

z - prop.

SNPE Vectan BA6 1/2**.* gr | *.** g6.2 gr | 0.4 g**.* gr | *.** g6.5 gr | 0.42 g85.7%28993 psi | 1999 bar88%2408 fps | 734 m/s99%2405 fps | 733 m/s98%

... cells marked in yellow are not dangerous but indicate possible (but not necessary) suboptimal characteristics such as extensive muzzle flash or inaccurate loads.

Caliber: .17 WSM
Propellant: SNPE Vectan BA6 1/2
Bullet Weight: 20 gr | 1.3 g
Bullet Diameter: 0.172 '' | 4.37 mm
Bullet Length: 0.56 '' | 14.1 mm
Case Length (l3): 1.2 '' | 30.5 mm
Cartridge Length / OAL: 1.57 '' | 39.8 mm
Seated Depth: 0.19 '' | 4.8 mm
Case Capacity: 11.1 Grains of Water | 0.72 cm3
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