.17 HMR || .172 | 20gr | Hornady V-MAX

Load data for 1 loads in caliber .17 HMR with .172 | 20gr | Hornady V-MAX bullet including underlying parameters such as bullet length, cartridge length and case capacity.
Product number: LID_B2490_C17
Reloading data in caliber .17 HMR with .172 | 20gr | Hornady V-MAX bullet ...


Start Load

Maximum Load



Fill Rate


% of Max.

Barrel Length 23.6'' (60cm)

Barrel Length 18.9'' (48cm)

V(0) - Velocity
at muzzle


V(0) - Velocity
at muzzle

z - prop.

SNPE Vectan BA6 1/2**.* gr | *.** g4.6 gr | 0.3 g**.* gr | *.** g4.8 gr | 0.31 g84.3%23786 psi | 1640 bar89%1824 fps | 556 m/s97%1873 fps | 571 m/s95%

Caliber: .17 HMR
Propellant: SNPE Vectan BA6 1/2
Bullet Weight: 20 gr | 1.3 g
Bullet Diameter: 0.172 '' | 4.37 mm
Bullet Length: 0.59 '' | 15 mm
Case Length (l3): 1.06 '' | 26.9 mm
Cartridge Length / OAL: 1.34 '' | 34.2 mm
Seated Depth: 0.31 '' | 7.8 mm
Case Capacity: 9.3 Grains of Water | 0.6 cm3
Hornady Manufacturing Company
Hornady Manufacturing Company is an American manufacturer of ammunition and handloading components, based in Grand Island, Nebraska. The company is currently run by Joyce Hornady's son, Steve Hornady, who took over after his father's death in a plane crash on January 15, 1981. 
Hornady makes target shooting and hunting rounds as well as self-defense loads. In 1990, the Hornady XTP (which stands for Extreme Terminal Performance) won the industry's Product Award of Merit 1990 from the National Association of Federal Licensed Dealers. The company was the primary developer of the .17 HMR and .17 HM2 rimfire cartridges, increasingly popular for small game and vermin hunting. Hornady has worked closely with firearms maker Sturm, Ruger on the development of the new line of Ruger cartridges including the .480 Ruger, .204 Ruger, and .375 Ruger.
The company developed the LEVERevolution ammunition, which uses a spitzer bullet with a soft elastomer tip to give better aerodynamic performance than flatter bullets, while eliminating the risk of a shock driving the pointed polymer tip of a bullet in a lever action rifle's tube magazine into the primer of the cartridge in front, causing an explosion.
Hornady manufactures a range of handloading components including cartridge cases, bullets, and shotgun shell components, as well as handloading equipment and data.

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